A wise man once said, “Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink… Is not life more than food?” (Mt 6:25) Jesus obviously didn’t live in 21st century America. Life is certainly more than food, but it’s also not much without it. Food is at the center of who we are as people and as cultures. We gather around tables, share meals, cook for each other… or at least we used to. Food tells us a lot of things and connects to just about every area of life. That is why I’m convinced that the more we understand our food, what it is and where it comes from, the more we will understand the crazy complex world around us, including issues like globalization, the environment, poverty, hunger and health.

“Who am I?” you ask. I am an urban farmer and eco-theologian. I started a small business called Edible Lawns. I worked in Bolivia for a year with Mennonite Central Committee on water and agriculture issues with Low-German Mennonites and local indigenous people. I was an intern at World Hunger Relief, Inc. and a graduate of Truett Theological Seminary. I am married to the lovely Sarah and have three beautiful children, Asher, Lydia and Dorothy. The little question that sparked this blog looks like it might be a lifelong pursuit. You can read some of my heretical musings on theology and life (and a comic/theological version of an “About” page) over at My Four Walls (also pictures of the kids).

The header image on the blog page is from Hyatt Moore, an artist I stumbled upon while looking for ethnic versions of the last supper.