Lucas Land is an eco-theologian, urban farmer, teacher, facilitator, writer and activist. He is avoiding growing up by constantly learning and trying new things. He lives with his wife, three children, flock of chickens and dog Jayber in the Sanger Heights Neighborhood in North Waco.

If you are interested in contacting Lucas, you can email him at lucasland [at] gmail [dot] com.

Lucas studied Global Missions at George W. Truett Seminary in Waco, TX. His theological journey brought him to the intersection of agriculture and the environment, between human beings and the ecosystems that sustain them. Writers such as Wendell Berry, Ellen Davis, Ched Myers, Leonardo Boff, Christopher Wright and others influenced his work and thought surrounding this intersection of faith and food. He has written and reflected extensively on these intersections on the blog What Would Jesus Eat? Which was started during his time in seminary and continued through an internship at World Hunger Relief, Inc., working with Mennonite Central Committee in Bolivia, starting a native and edible landscaping company, and pursuing a certificate in permaculture design.

Urban Farmer and Permaculture Practitioner
Lucas believes that the path to sustainability leads us from being primarily consumers to producers. He is slowly converting his urban yard from lawn to productive gardens, fruit trees and permaculture system that produces more of what his family consumes and closes the natural cycle of life as much as possible. He was Urban Gardening Intern at World Hunger Relief, Inc. from 2009-2010. He worked on water and agriculture issues in Bolivia with Mennonite Central Committee from 2010-2011. He also founded the sustainable landscaping business Edible Lawns in Waco.

Teacher and Facilitator
Lucas is passionate about educating others and facilitating workshops that lead to transformation and action. He has led workshops and created conferences on everything from postmodern theology and globalization to raised bed gardening and raising backyard chickens. He has taught webinars on sustainability and faith.

Freelance Writer
Lucas has written extensively in the area of theology, sustainability, agriculture and consumerism on his blog What Would Jesus Eat? Recently, he wrote a chapter for Texas Lutheran University’s freshman reader on sustainability. He also helped write and edit the Central Texas Gardening Manual published and sold by World Hunger Relief, Inc. He has been published online and in print. He hopes to publish a book in his area of interest in the future.

Lucas has trouble sitting still while so much work still needs to be done in the world. Beginning at Texas Lutheran University working with students on issues of social and economic equality, he has consistently worked for justice and equality for all people and later for non-human animals and the ecosystem on which we depend. In seminary he helped found the Truett Black Student Association. He has spoken on behalf of World Hunger Relief, Inc. before a USDA listening session. Recently he started Sustainable Waco to help connect people in the Waco area working on diverse issues related to sustainability. He also became a Water Captain working with Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy on water planning issues in his region. After the protests in wake of the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner (and so many others), Lucas gathered a group of interested citizens to work on racial justice in Waco by participating with and connecting local organizations already working in this area.