Gluten Free Diets: A-Gluten For Punishment?


This started out as an email to my friend Gary. We’ve had an ongoing conversation over the years about everything from faith and science to GMOs and sustainable agriculture. We come from different perspectives in some ways and share common ground in others. Discussing with someone you disagree with and being open to your assumptions […]

Life Beyond Facebook


Oh… hello there. Are you still paying attention, patiently waiting for more posts from me? You have the kind of perseverance and attention span that seem to be sorely lacking on the internet (and elsewhere) these days. Well, yesterday, I broke up with Facebook for good. It was becoming an abusive relationship. (Apparently I’m not […]

Living With Less in the Land of More


Many are reflecting on the stuff we own and how it owns us in this season of shopping and gift-giving. I read an excellent article recently about one family’s journey with their relationship to their stuff (Stuffed to the gills: How crap took over my life—and how I intend to take it back). So, I […]

Sacred Days and Desecrated Days


There are no unsacred places; There are only sacred places And desecrated places. – from “How to Be a Poet” by Wendell Berry This year during Thanksgiving there were a number of stores having sales on Thursday already. This prompted a friend of mine to ask, “Is nothing sacred?” This is an oft-heard complaint about […]

The Shallow Pond Dilemma


It seems appropriate in this time of gluttony and the consumer frenzy of consumerism known as Black Friday, to talk about the ethical dilemmas of the financial choices we make. A long time ago, I listened to Episode #100 of the Diet Soap podcast and it sparked a lot of thoughts and conversations, mostly with […]

Isn’t It Ironic…Don’t You Think?


Unlike the Alanis Morisette hit, “Ironic”, which was in fact not at all ironic, I have come across some ironies in my work that strike me as worth mentioning and perhaps exploring more in depth. The world we live in seems full of these strange paradoxes, but they come in to stark relief in development […]

The DIY Lifestyle™


Through our family’s journey to live more in tune with the planet and our neighbors we have gained a lot of new skills in the last few years. My wife has learned how to brew kefir, make cheese, knit, make bread and a lot of other food from scratch. I’ve built some things from scratch, […]

The New World Religion


When considering a metaphor for describing a reality that is inherently difficult to grasp, it can be easy to lose your grip on the thing to which the metaphor points. The authors’ of Affluenza follow their metaphor closely and it works for the most part. The best part of their metaphor is that it makes […]

Affluenza: Causes


The second part of the book Affluenza considers the causes of the disease of consumerism. Honestly it seemed somewhat lacking in depth. This is a complicated issue. Consider simply the question “What are the causes of poverty?” Books upon books have been written trying to describe the causes of one of the symptoms of our […]