Mary, Mary More Than Quite Contrary


As I wade into Advent, the days of waiting, expectation and longing, I think about Mary, the mother of Jesus. I have been reflecting on Mary’s reaction to Gabriel’s announcement about the conception of her son (some of which comes from The Real Mary by Scot McKnight). There are two incredible things that Mary accepts in that account. […]

Holy Purchases: What to Do For the Holidays?


I thought I was done with this series, but then the looming High Holy Days of Consumerism made me realize that this is the time of year that people wrestle the most with the conflict between the faith of consumerism and their faith as Christians. So, I want to try and write something helpful rather […]

Sacred Days and Desecrated Days


There are no unsacred places; There are only sacred places And desecrated places. – from “How to Be a Poet” by Wendell Berry This year during Thanksgiving there were a number of stores having sales on Thursday already. This prompted a friend of mine to ask, “Is nothing sacred?” This is an oft-heard complaint about […]

A Very Merry Pagan Christmas


This Sunday we explored the theme of celebration. We asked the question, “Who is celebrating Christmas?” As people shared their stories, the answer was surprising… As people began to see the centrality and meaning of the incarnation for Christmas, their family’s overblown celebration of consumerism, tacky decorations and Santa Claus seemed superficial and even oppressive. […]

The Green Bible


I got my very own copy of The Green Bible for Christmas (Thank you Kim!). It’s going to be an invaluable resource for this blog, particularly blogging through the Bible and thinking about how Christians have related to food/creation throughout history. An entire article is nothing but quotes about creation through Christian history. I’m very […]

Pre-Consumption Prayer


This is worth re-posting. Excellent thoughts along the lines of Consuming Christmas from God’s Politics: “Consumption” isn’t a bad word. Even as we watch the excesses of the consumer economy crumble and collapse around us, we should remember that the word “consume” also means “to eat.” On Thursday, many of us consumed to excess as […]

Consuming Christmas


We are a culture of consumption. Think about it this way. Consuming means putting something into your body (self) which now becomes a part of you. The things we eat become our hair, skin, innards, etc. The things we buy define our identities, our self-image. Why do you buy one brand over another or one […]