Watershed Discipleship: An Ethical/Theological Framework


I recently made a presentation at Texas Lutheran University’s Krost Symposium on Environmental Justice with the title Watershed Discipleship: An Ethical/Theological Framework. Unfortunately the video does not include the images and graphics from the powerpoint I used which was a big part of the presentation.

ECHO Summary


It’s the holidays and things are getting a little crazy, but I want to bring you, my faithful reader, a report from the ECHO Agricultural Conference in Ft. Myers, FL. First, it was my first time to Florida and it proved that stereotypes all come from some kernel of truth. The weather was ridiculously warm […]

Life is But a Stream


I can’t help trying to find puns for the titles of posts. I apologize. We are back from Houston where I helped the Texas Hunger Initiative with a workshop at the BGCT’s Stream event. Here’s the back of my head in the photo at the left talking to a fellow Truett grad after the workshop. […]

Talk Talk and More Talk


In honor of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize I will be listening to some people talk a lot about ideas and not necessarily do anything. Don’t get me wrong. Talk is important. Ideas are important. When the other nominees included Chinese dissidents, an Afghan human rights activist and Morgan Tsvangirai, the Zimbabwean opposition leader, who all […]

Farm and Food Session 9


The last session of the day was on Community Food Access. I would have left early if I wasn’t so interested in hearing this session. Here are the panelists and their topics: WIC and Food stamps at Farmer’s Markets by Andrew Smiley from Sustainable Food Center Farm-to School Programs by Texas Department of Agriculture Raising […]

Farm and Food Session 8


This session was on How to Lobby Effectively with Bonnie Bruce Legislative Director for State Rep. Burt Solomons. It was helpful for me because I might end up doing policy work in the future. I feel more confident and knowledgeable about the legislative process. I don’t find it interesting enough to write about though. The […]

Farm and Food Session 7


This session was a panel on Climate Change and Agriculture. The panel included: Malcom Beck, author and founder of Garden-ville Leighton Steward, author of Fire, Ice and Paradise Andy Wilson from Public Citizen Another good session on a very controversial topic. Malcom Beck, the king of compost, may be my new hero. I’m becoming somewhat […]

Farm and Food Session 6


This session was on the 2009 Texas Legislative Session. I’m glad it was in the morning, because too much government policy talk late in the day would put me right to sleep. I have nothing to say or add. It’s important stuff for someone to follow, but I’m realizing that I don’t think I could […]

Farm and Food Session 4


The session after lunch was on NAIS (National Animal Identification System) led by Judith Mcgeary, President of Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. I will say that she really knows her stuff (as most of the speakers have). It’s a little overwhelming if you don’t know anything about this issue. Food and Water Watch has a […]