Gluten Free Diets: A-Gluten For Punishment?


This started out as an email to my friend Gary. We’ve had an ongoing conversation over the years about everything from faith and science to GMOs and sustainable agriculture. We come from different perspectives in some ways and share common ground in others. Discussing with someone you disagree with and being open to your assumptions […]

What’s For Dinner? (Leviticus 11)


Lev 10:10-11 You must distinguish between the holy and the common, between the unclean and the clean, and you must teach the Israelites all the decrees the Lord has given them through Moses. Leviticus 11 details the dietary laws given to the Israelites. When someone says “food in the Bible” this is probably what first […]

Turkey D-Day


Today is turkey D-Day. About 40 birds will be prepared for the Thanksgiving Day table… in other words butchered. Tomorrow about 40 more will meet their maker and become someone’s dinner. I recently “talked” on facebook with a friend of mine from Fort Hood and shared about my transition to farmatarianism, eating only meat that […]

Synergistic Motivational Speaking at USDA Listening Session


Well, I survived my first listening session with the USDA today. Some may understand the headline from my tweets from the session. For those who missed it the word synergy was used way too often and in too many forms: synergy, synergism, synergistic. Unfortunately no one used the form a friend of mine invented on […]

Scriptural Bulimia


I’ve never been very good at memorizing Bible verses. I used to feel bad about it. Even after three years in seminary I sometimes feel like I should be able to quote more of the Bible as proof of…something. Thinking about consumption, Christmas and Christianity recently reminded me of Ezekiel. Ez 3:1-3 Then He said […]

HFCS Propaganda Ads


You may have seen some ads recently on television or the New York Times (where this ad is from). The television ads feature two people in some ordinary situation (backyard barbeque, etc.). One person asks if something has HFCS in it and says something generally negative. Then person #2 asks what is wrong with it. […]