Sermon: I Pledge Allegiance…


Wow! My last post was here was exactly 7 months ago. So, to prove that I have not been just sitting idly by and ignoring the problems posed by consumerism, ecological devastation, etc., here is the sermon I will be preaching this Sunday in connection with a teaching series our community is going through which I […]

The Myth of Human Difference


The following is an excerpt (and rough draft) of a chapter I’m working on about sustainability. I have a limit of 2000-4000 words. As usual I’m trying to cram as much as possible into that limit. Much of this rehashes (and in some cases pillages) other writing I’ve done on the blog, but hopefully the […]

Born Against: The Way of Jesus as Protest


A.J. Swoboda recently wrote a very thoughtful piece on how the Christian faith relates to the occupy protest movement. I want to make sure at the outset that I acknowledge the article said many positive things about the movement including, Protest isn’t new. The prophets protested endlessly against evil, injustice, and at times the institution […]

Does Capitalism Need an Upgrade?


Peter Barnes book Capitalism 3.0 (which is available as a free PDF under a Creative Commons License at is a thought provoking and interesting read about the future of capitalism and the future of our world. Barnes vision both of what went wrong in the past and for how to create a more sustainable […]

I’ll Fly Away: Why Caring for the Earth Matters for Eternity


Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt My economist friend recently commented that while he certainly believed that we were called as Christians to care for the earth, this was somewhat akin to polishing the Titanic (apologies for any liberties my paraphrase took with the actual comment). At some time in the future God is going […]

The Law of the Land


This is the second post in a series responding to a conversation I’ve been having with a friend of mine about the notion of property rights in the Bible. The first post was mainly to respond to his post. The intention of this post is to outline another possible view of the biblical understanding of […]

To Own or Not to Own


I’ve been emailing back and forth with a good friend of mine, Justin Tapp, who studied economics at Baylor about this article from Jesus Radicals. He finally wrote a post summarizing his thoughts on our conversation about private property and the Bible. I’m not an economist and he’s no biblical scholar, but I think the […]

Disaster Capitalism in the Bible


Yesterday I preached at Texas Lutheran University’s chapel service. I used what I’ve written before on the story of Joseph’s attempt to deal with famine in Genesis. The sermon might tie together some loose ends and certainly makes a stronger connection between the interpretation of that story and the exploitation of natural disasters today and […]

The Original Sin of Agriculture: Knowledge of Good and Evil


One of the most interesting aspects of this discussion, particularly in Ishmael, is the application to the interpretation of biblical texts. This series is called the “original sin” of agriculture in part because of the interpretation of Genesis 3 and 4 in Ishmael. Chapters 3 and 4 tell the story of the Fall and Cain […]