Welcome To The Variety Show


I knew Michelle’s blog was going to spark new thoughts and connections about food. Her second post, I eat almost the exact same thing every single day of the year, shares a little more about her personal journey and habits. She also shared about her lack of variety in her diet. This got me thinking. Variety […]

Living With Less in the Land of More


Many are reflecting on the stuff we own and how it owns us in this season of shopping and gift-giving. I read an excellent article recently about one family’s journey with their relationship to their stuff (Stuffed to the gills: How crap took over my life—and how I intend to take it back). So, I […]

The Ultimate Showdown: Mother Earth vs Globalization


Bolivia is a fascinating place to live right now. It is a bundle of contradictions and paradoxes that are a microcosm of the economic and ecological crises that the rest of the globe faces. Like any other collection of people, organizations, communities and especially nation-states, Bolivia is a complicated mix of history, races, languages, religions, […]

And Now For Some Lite Muzak…


So, I also enjoy playing, writing and performing music. I’ve been writing songs for almost 20 years now, but that only means I’ve written enough bad songs to get lucky a few times. I’ve written a couple of songs, since moving to Bolivia and thought it would be nice to share them with the thronging […]

Farm Update


We finally got some good rain this last week and it really freshened things up. Our CSA season ended until October so there will be more veggies available for our farm stand and for us to eat. Seven members of our community left us this week and new people will be arriving in the next […]

Sausage Leftovers: The Northern Edition


Okay so I found some links of interest to share… This was almost the Canadian edition, but the Mustard Seed House is in the USA… barely. Spirituality of Gardening Workshop– If you live in the Seattle area the Mustard Seed House is hosting two workshops April 25 and May 30 on the Spirituality of Gardening. […]

Weekly Sausage Links


Not sure if the weekly links feature will continue around here. I don’t have anything new to put here. Meanwhile… I link to lots of interesting food news and then some on my twitter feed (on the sidebar as well). I also HIGHLY recommend ethicurean for their regular digest of food news and commentary. If […]