I Pledge Allegiance: Krost Chapel Sermon


Here is the sermon I gave in chapel for the Krost Symposium on Environmental Justice.

Sermon: I Pledge Allegiance…


Wow! My last post was here was exactly 7 months ago. So, to prove that I have not been just sitting idly by and ignoring the problems posed by consumerism, ecological devastation, etc., here is the sermon I will be preaching this Sunday in connection with a teaching series our community is going through which I […]

What’s Fairer than Fair Trade?


This is a great article which breaks down some of the problems with Fair Trade and poses some possible solutions. Also discovered in the article that a Mennonite started the fair trade movement. There is today a far wider, more exciting range of chocolate bars available than we knew even a decade ago, and consumers […]

The Ancestral Values We Inherited: Protecting Indigenous Water, Land, and Culture in Mexico


Within our indigenous community of Xoxocotla, we continue to hold the ancestral values we inherited. It never crosses our mind to leave them behind. Because in daily life we are always in contact with nature, with our lands, with our water, with our air. We live in harmony with nature because we dont like the […]

Six Good Things Occupy Wall Street Made Possible (That You Probably Already Take for Granted)


But transforming the foundations of our society doesn’t happen overnight, so you might have to look a little harder to see the practical, everyday ways that Occupy changed things for the better. Here are six social transformations that Occupy helped make possible: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/yes/most-recent-articles/~3/pS2x2h1yKX0/six-good-things-occupy-wall-street-made-possible

The Global Land Rush


What is new now is the scramble to secure land abroad for more basic food and feed crops—including wheat, rice, corn, and soybeans—and for biofuels. These land acquisitions of the last several years, or “land grabs” as they are sometimes called, represent a new stage in the emerging geopolitics of food scarcity. They are occurring […]

Big green groups are more trouble than climate deniers


Not everyone agrees with Naomi Klein’s take on the problems facing us and what stands in our way. I think her criticism is worth engaging and I tend to agree with her analysis of how our economic system relates to our ecological crisis. Now, in a new interview with Jason Mark of Earth Island Journal, she lambastes […]

David Roberts’ top 20.5 parting insights


David Roberts has done a masterful job in summing up the state of affairs as regards climate change and public policy. Not sure if I agree with every point, but it’s impressive to be so succinct and insightful through a medium such as Twitter. Hope he has a good year off. Here are my favorites: […]