I Pledge Allegiance: Krost Chapel Sermon


Here is the sermon I gave in chapel for the Krost Symposium on Environmental Justice.

Cultivating Economic Peace in an Age of Instability


This story is similar to my own journey in understand the relationship of economics to the purpose and mission of the church. We tried to imagine an economy informed by the narratives of scripture, one bearing witness to the reign of God. It would be made of the same ingredients as the dominant economy: the […]

Welcome to Commonomics


This is a really great and in-depth article on some ideas for a new economics and stronger local economies. Commonomics will focus on the gatherers, those who are working to foster economic growth from within. We’ll be asking what’s working, what isn’t, and by what standard are our local economies to be judged? “The goal […]

Cropmobster: Connecting the Dots Between Farms, Food Waste and Hunger


A new food gleaning and supply-sharing program called Cropmobster has created simple and effective solutions to address food waste and hunger and increase farmer visibility in a decentralized, community-based way. And it’s spreading like wildfire. http://www.shareable.net/blog/cropmobster-connecting-the-dots-between-farms-food-waste-and-hunger

A Decade after the Take: Inside Argentinas Worker Owned Factories


In Argentina, worker ownership requires trust against all odds. As a student of economics and a young activist, I have held the worker-ownership model in Argentina up as a beacon I could orient towards, an alternative and a method of resistance that might be widely applicable. via A Decade after the Take: Inside Argentinas Worker […]

The Ancestral Values We Inherited: Protecting Indigenous Water, Land, and Culture in Mexico


Within our indigenous community of Xoxocotla, we continue to hold the ancestral values we inherited. It never crosses our mind to leave them behind. Because in daily life we are always in contact with nature, with our lands, with our water, with our air. We live in harmony with nature because we dont like the […]

The Community of Goods


To me, it seems that as Christians, we have a responsibility to follow Christ’s example in our lives, and this includes economics. Christianity should not be associated with the seeking of profit and property, but with radical economic community and sharing. This was the economic vision of the earliest Christians, and it should also be […]

Joy Arises, Rules Fall Apart: Thoughts for the Second Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street


Those who doubt that these moments matter should note how terrified the authorities and elites are when they erupt. That fear is a sign of their recognition that real power doesn’t only lie with them. Those who dismiss these moments because of their flaws need to look harder at what joy and hope shine out […]

The people are hungry


  The rising price of food isn’t the only thing driving the revolutionary fervor from Tunisia to Turkey to Brazil. The bad economy was surely a principal factor (remember that Adel Khazri shouted “This is Tunisia, this is unemployment,” as he burned). There was the effect of new social media technology. And then there was that tyranny thing that people […]

How to Start a Business When You Don’t Believe in Capitalism


Not too long ago I posted on the facebook, “I don’t even really believe in capitalism, but I feel like an official business since I paid quarterly sales tax for the first time today.” For those not aware after our family was deported from Bolivia, I started a small business called Edible Lawns. The business […]